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So there are often many people who ask how to do lifts, so I am gonna try to help out some! I did not go over instaling radius or trailing arms in this!

First pull in and get your rover on a flat spot, Loosen the lugs on the front tires. Crawl underneath take the bolts out that hold the sway bar to the frame off, let the bar drop.

Chock the rear tires and jack up the rovers front end one side at a time. Get a nice set of jack stands ( I use a set of 6 ton stands myself)Put it up high as you safly can, Place stands behind raduis arm mount on the flat part of the frame.

Once the truck is secure remove both front tires, Leave the jack under the side you are going to start on!

First remove the lower shock mount. This may be a pain, use some PBBlaster and let it soak first. You will need a 19mm box wrench. Vice grips may help hold while you break the nut loose. (located under spring)

After the lower shock bolt is off remove the 4 nuts (13mm) that hold the cone in place. You can reach 2 from underneath and the other 2 are easier to remove from above.

Keep hold of lock washers/ nuts.

Once all have been removed Take shock cone/shock out. Remove shock from shock cone, keep cone.

If you have a 3"+ lift this would be a good time to add your longer brake lines. Remove old line and replace with new line.

once firmly in place lower jack and the spring will come right out! remove old spring! Keep hold of the retainer that sits on the top of the spring.

Do the same to the other side!

Now it's time to place the new items in!! WOO HOOOOOO!!!!

Now that you have the new springs place them in (if you have the RTE springs RR3- 4 go up front)

Now take the retainer and place it in the upper mount. take the spring and put it in place.

Now grab your new shock and mount the upper shock to the shock cone. Take new shock/cone and put back into place.
The axle should be hanging down. Place bushing and washer onto lower shock, jack up a little and put nut on. Now tighten the shock and shock cones in place. Be careful to not overtighten the retainer nuts! Reattach the sway bar(if you deciede to keep it)

Here is what is should look like when you are done up front!

Put front tires back on. and tighten in place. The front is done!


Jack up the rear just like the front, remove tires.take sway bar mounts off at the frame, let bar drop. Place jack under trailing arm. have it keep presure. Now remove lower shock mount(19mm) and upper shock nut (19mm) lower jack, remove shock. If you have decieded to but a new upper mount remove old one(17mm) and simply place new one in it's place(MORE PICS SOON)

Do the same to the other side, with the axle hanging down remove the spring retaining straps, this is 2 bolts. (17 mm) under the strap there are 2 washers keep a hold of those.

Now remove spring. and remove plate from bottom of old spring. you will be left with this

Now to the brake lines. Place a jack under the diff to releive pressure from old lines. Remove old lines, the upper part has a nut holding them in place behind where hard line meets rubber line!

Now place new lines in place. lower jack

If you are going to use ROCKWARE cone now is the time to put them in place. Slide flat plate through the hole in the rear shock mount. slide into place. Cone will go toward the inside.... But not yet!

Now grab your new spring!(RR3- 1 ) Place plate on the bottom, put cone down the center of the upper portion of spring. Place plate on top of mount, reattach the strap and 2 bolts, tighten spring in place!

Now depending on what shock style you have determones next step(s) If you went with the 2" OME kit simply place shock back in it's original location!

If you have opted to get a loop to loop style. There are a few options, Rockware makes a shock drop kit, RTE makes a raise kit, a friend and I (Blackfoot customs) made some that simply bolt in place of old shock(not finished in pic)

With this style you first place bolt in new mount(not yet on truck) now mount lower shock to mount.

Once this is done place new shock into place

tighten all into place. Now jack up on axle to seat spring in upper mount. Now make sure cone is firmly against inner side of opening and weld in place


Let weld cool. clean up weld if needed and paint. Place sway bar back on(or remove). With rear tires still off bleed the brakes. Use DOT 4 fluid. start at the passenger rear wheel, then driver rear, passenger front driver front. Check levels often and make sure all air is out before moving to a new wheel.

Once this is done place wheels back on and enjoy!

This should take about 6 hours your first time!!! it gets fster as you do it more often. I have a few more pics to add later when I get them!
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