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HOW TO remove rubber door strips

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I'm trying to make my '95 Classic LWB look a bit more modern. A friend told me he always removes the rubber door strips and it goes a long way. So I tried it. Here's what I did.

1) Used a plastic prying tool to pry up a corner on each strip until I got a good hold on it
2) the double sided tape holding mine on was old enough for me to just tear each one off (if yours won't come off, try a heat gun to relax the adhesive)
3) some film remained on the vehicle, the rest was on the strips
4) used a raw, new utility knife blade to CAREFULLY and SLOWLY hack off the remaining bits of tape off the car. Once you get the hang of it, you can do an entire panel in one go
5) used spray on Goo Gone Gel and left for 5 minutes on remaining tape residue
6) used credit card to slice off dissolves bits
7) repeated steps 4, 5 & 6 two more times to remove all tape residue
8) my Alpine White car had lots of beginning surface rust under the tape that wouldn't come off, so I used aerosol Goof Off Professional Strength, one panel at a time, I sprayed it on and let sit 45 seconds (WARNING: this WILL remove paint!!!). I'm getting my car reprinted anyway, so I didn't care
9) used clean terry cloth and SCRUBBED off discoloration. This is the most time consuming and energetic part
10) repeat for each panel
11) clean affected areas with normal car wash soap to remove any remaining solvents
12) dry and enjoy!

Each side took me about 80 minutes, so grab a beer!

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