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Hi, just a short intro, hmm. My name is Fizzer and I am a 56 year old 1 legged (following a m/cycle accident about 12 years ago) addict, originally from Cheshire UK but now living the majority of the year in Arizona, USA. I have had this addiction for around 10 years and love it and hate it in equal measure. It is a 1997 5 door 300TDi with 190,000 under its wheels. I have managed to keep it in, reasonably, decent, useable condition. It is in pretty much the same , ES, spec that it left the factory. With the exception of recent HD springs, Terrafirma shocks and steering damper, EGR delete. I have, as most of us, probably replaced half of the original steel, although the chassis is still pretty much perfect having been taken back to steel and treated with corroless primer, paint, then covered in several further coats of chassis black paint. Inside the chassis was treated with corroless vaporising spray then had several cans of the corroless wax sprayed inside. No, I dont work for Corroless btw). Landy was bought as a sacrificial vehicle to use over one winter 2010 so that I could take my new C63 Merc off the road and store it away from the salt. The C63 is long gone (as a few other cars) and I can not see a time when I am not running my Discovery. It is in fact my only vehicle, at least in the UK. I will post some pictures, hopefully, soon.
A long introduction, and I have spared everyone having to read through the whole of my life story (although, if you have made it this far, I am certain you don't believe that!). Pleased to be here and, I hope that my bumbling around here does not get too annoying.

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