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Just a quick shout! Thanks and congrats for setting this up. The google thing works... that's how I found you.

I just bought an '88 Classic about a month ago. Got an unbelievable deal and she runs strong, but it has some issues I want to tackle.
1) Non-functioning speedo and odo.
2) Non-working sunroof
3) Dicey power seats and mirrors (prob. needs a good cleaning and rebuild)
4) non-working Hella fog lamps
5) low coolant flashing (despite being full)

Any referrals on DIY for this stuff would be greatly appreciated! I have the 2 Haynes manuals, but would like to see what others have done on these relatively benign and common problems. My most recent project will be the replacement of my power steering hoses. The hi-pressure one is squirting like mad!

This is my second British car. First was a groovy little orange '78 Triumph Spitfire that I sold last April. Got this one to haul a little more stuff! and I have to say that so far I trust it more than my Triumph!

Pics coming later!


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Well on the Fogs, get yourself a voltmeter and see if there is power to the bulbs. Chances are, the bulbs are burned out.

The seat switches.. hmmm... those are a bitch. They might need to be replaced. There is a way to take them apart and clean the contacts. That is usually the problem. If you do this, pay VERY close attention to where all the little pins and parts go! Here are some detailed instructions on how to do that:

Also go to the Ranger site above, there are tons of fixes and other info on our vehicles. There are fixes there for the sunroof as well.

Welcome aboard!!


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i had the same problem on my 88 RR and found the leak was coming from a crack in the metal section that screwed into the power steering pump. i found out the extent of the crack when i blew while i was driving down the road and noticed the steering getting heavy! the whole system in no time. the hose was kind of expensive but worth the replacement cost when compared to replacing the pump also.

i'm also looking for a new motor as mine gave up the ghost. anyone no of a 3.5 or 3.9 in good condition with good compression and oil pressure?
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