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Hub flange bolt damage from overtightening lug nuts??

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Ive got a question for you guys....

...ive had this problem with the guys that put my M/T's on...

..they used an impact gun and destoryed every lug on my rover, since then they bought me new lugs, but I havent had them install them just yet (its only been two weeks or so).

Last saturday we were trying to get the front left wheel off and non of the lugs would budge. We were using the stock lug wrench. LR says to tighten down the lug nuts to 103 ft./lbs., between the two of us we were putting all our weight on the lug wrench (some 350 lbs or so) and couldnt get the lug to even budge....not at all.

Could the ultra over tightening of the lugs mean possible damage could have been done to the hub flange bolts?..such as pulling back the threads on the bolts?...something to that idea??
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alright...thanks guys. That sounds good...torquing them down to 110 because of oversized tires.
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