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Hunter Lenz in trouble again -- EAS

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Okay Guys finally got the 95 LWB started turned out it was the distibutor. Luckily my mechanic was able to rebuild the unit. Thanks for all the advice. Now I'm having EAS troubles... Got up this morning and noticed my right front tire was flat (ran over a nail). The front left airbag has also totally deflated. Giving the truck a nasty lean. At first I thought to myself okay the ECU just compensatated for the differnence in the angle and when I start her up all will be fine.....not so. When I started the truck the control lights started their dreaded fault flashing seqeunce and I can't get a sound out of the compressor. I've had instances before when the EAS has acted up and dropped the car to the bump stops but never a case where one bag has totally deflated. The other three bags stil have a nice firm shape but not the front left one. Bad Bag? Height Sensor? Any chance the system will come back to life without a visit to the dealer with a new bag installed? Any insight on this one would be very helpful.


Hunter Lenz
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