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So I have a puzzling brake problem. Most of it adds up except for one thing. The vehicle is a 1996 US Discovery I with no mods

My brakes dont work. The observable situation:
-No brakes when moving forward
-front section of master cylinder reservoir depleted of fluid
-rear section full but fluid has a graphite/charcoal color to it (I will be doing a complete flush upon fixing the problem)
-brake fluid accumulating on the low spot on the metal line right next to the front right caliper; appears to be coming from the caliper side of the line and not the vehicle side
-Aforementioned leak appears to be a slow one

Now for what doesnt make sense:
When moving forward I have no brakes; even when pumping. When moving backward my brakes work at least half as well as they would if everything was working normally. That makes no sense at all.

Now my best guess is that over time the leak let all the fluid out and now the master cylinder is just compressing air and not brake fluid, but that conclusion has some of holes in it. One, IIRC brake systems are split into two isolated fluid circuits in order to prevent total failure in these circumstances. And two, why the heck do the brakes still work in reverse?

Fire away. Ive given this a good bit of thought and I have no idea. It may be because I just finished finals and Im done thinking for a while so it could be something stupid, but any help would be greatly appreciated.
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