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I crossed Country again on my LR3

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This is the third time from NY to LA, LA to NY, NY to LA in a year. It's been very reliable.
Seen many cars of all models and makes new and old stranded and stuck by the road or in snow banks. Drove in snow storm from NY to IN. Winds of hell from Tulsa to LA.
2005 LR3 are the best!:lol:
The Nitto Terra Grapplers tires have held up real well! Saw many cars and trucks with tire blowouts by the bad roads.
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Great to hear, that is a lot of cross country driving. How many miles from NY to LA?
About 2800 miles each way, give a few miles here and there to check out the BBQ places in MO and TX. I did discover a great BBQ place in Springfield, Ohio run by a Jersey guy. Great stakes in TX! Super friendly people! As well as in Indy, OK & MO.
Wow! Were these pleasure trips (sounds like it) or for work? That's a whole lotta drivin'!!

Hi Colin,
I live & work at both NYC & LA.
Wow, I can't say I've ever driven that far in one trip. Most people will never drive cross country like that and you've done it multiple times. That's awesome!!

The LR3 is a reliable truck people complain about the 2005 model, mine has been real good!
I took it off road in Cali 7hrs 116F sand, rocks and a 7Kft mountain climb. Couple of winter storm (blizzard) driving in North east and mid west. I also drove in the worst rain storm I have ever driven in and it was dry inside the next day.
Bad heavy NYC traffic and LA traffic.
My LR3 is not a Mall Crawler by any means.
Yeah, my '05 was rock solid, also. Took it up an off road mountain trail to 13,159 ft without a glitch.

you don't have your 05 any longer?
No. Actually, I don't own any Land Rover products anymore. I sold the Disco in my avatar and the LR3. One day I'll own an LR4. My wife still talks about the LR3 (and she is NOT a car person) so that shows you how awesome the LR3s are. When they can make a non-car person talk about how much they loved it, you know it's good.

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