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I got the LR4 style grille for LR3 what do you guys think?

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I still need to get the larger LR4 LR badge to put on it, the frame is a grey matte and a bit lighter then Bonatti grey and I did not close hood fully, but I think it looks good.


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Thanks Chuck!
I noticed this thread and had to respond. As a former LR3 owner and now a LR4 owner I think I prefer the cleaner looks of the 3. The 3 grill and solid res taillights are a much cleaner and distinctive look that the faux metal grill and Altezza style taillights on the 4.

But if you like your new look that it all that matters.
I understand what you mean. I also like the clean look of the LR3 grille. But it's fun to have a possible alternative. I only like the LR4 in dark grey or Black same for LR3's. since I like them to look clean and monochromatic. I had a hard time adjusting to the LR3 design from my Disco II due to the look changing so much. But now I don't mind.
Perhaps that is it. My LR3 was black and my new to me LR4 is Ipanema? sand (beige). Such is life when buying used, can't be too picky. The LR4 was a creampuff and I got it cheap..

I too prefer the dark grey. Next time.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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