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I have owned 4 range rovers, a 2003, 2002, 1995 LWB, and a 1991 GDE. So I have earned the right to say whatever I want. I won't even start on the 02 & 03. I still have the 95 LWB and the Great Divide. I love these trucks, I have fun with them. I like to work on them, but here is the rub.....NOT CONSTANTLY !!!!! Here is the history of the 95 LWB since January 2011. Arrived.....head gasket blew in first 30 days. Transmission went in first 6 months. New viscous coupler, viscous fan, plug wires, plugs, cap, rotor, rebuilt dizzy, new door switches, new front seat switches, new ignition on the column, u joints, rear drive shaft, injectors, O2 sensors (twice), torque converter from Ashcroft right after rebuilt tranny warranty out, rotors & various brake parts & sensors, hours dispatching the 3 amigos, all new hoses, steel oil and transmission cooler lines, etc. etc. etc. Paid $4,500 for a clean California example and now have over $15,000 in it. Now the gas pedal stuck overrevved and the transmission won't shift out of first. Really? I have done a lot of the work or the bill would be over $20K into this truck. You gotta be nuts to really want to run one. I make good money and this truck won't run a month without a new issue. Very close to AMF. Toyota FJ 62 looking mighty good. Why would a sane person be compelled to continue fixing these trucks. Life is just too short. 5 times a year maybe, or trail induced issues, but not breaking every month right after something else is fixed. This GD truck is pissing me off now.........:complain:
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