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I messed up something when replacing my starter

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So, I replaced my starter due to a grinding noise that recently began happening intermittently on ignition.
I dind't want to risk ruining the flex plate so I figured it was a good thing to do.

I followed the procedure according to the Rave manual, and while the allen nuts on the starter were a bit tricky, I managed to get the heat shield off, the battery lead wire off, the negative clip (the Lucar connector?) off and then reverse the procedure.

After I've buttoned everything up, when i go to put the negative terminal back on the battery I'm getting Hella Spark. It's definitely not normal.
What could I have done wrong?

The only difference in the wiring on the new solenoid (cheap Duralast starter from AutoZone) was that the negative clip (It's called theLucar connector in the Rave manual) was on the bottom of the solenoid instead of the top, and was a little fatter than the original bosch peg.
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Well for anyone else out that is as stupid as me:
the duralast solenoid actually had 3 clips you can connect the Lucar connector to.
make sure you don't connect it to the bottom one, but to the top one.
Funny but understandable how you could do it.
The lower nut is the main motor power connection and likely was trying to run the starter motor without engaging the drive
Glad to hear you figured it out
well I knew the battery wasn't supposed to act like a Tesla coil sparking out with Merlin like electrical energy, so I got back under there and looked for my mistake.

The hardest part of all of it was the one bolt that fits through the heat shield, I think my heat shield got a little warped pulling it in and out and it my son and I two hours to get the single bolt back in place.
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