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Hello everyone I started my 4 week road trip from chicago to El paso texas 10 days ago In my 1999 disco series 2 120k miles and since then I had my water pump blow out lucky it was while getting gas at Petro Truck stop..(stuck at petro truck stop in Springfield Mo. for three days) I had a hard time finding parts and tools 1" 7/8 wrench to change out pump and clutch removal tool. Managed to fix it Myself in 40 degree weather then the air bleed screw broke fixed it with rubber tire patch and adjustable hose clamp and then in Arlington Texas I had my throttle cable get stuck and almost crashed at 75 miles and hour after hitting the pedal several times with my foot on the brake trying to slow down it loosed up and It finally snapped when I arrived to El Paso I found a used one in good shape at a local Junk Yard changed it out. Now the "Down hill decent light" is on and the "TC" light is on. (not the three amigos) since ABS light is not on... I also have one other problem I need to fix and that is the AC I keep blowing the 10 amp fuse (under the hood fuse box) I had a new AC Compressor installed last year in August and worked great for the few remaining warm days and now this year it blows super cold for 5-10 minutes then the fuse blows out. Its in the mid 80s here and AC would be great to have right now. I've taking it out in the desert here and had some fun but I need help with the current problems. (i've had two head gaskets replaced in the past) I also purchased the coolong hose "t" with bleeder screw for $ 3.00 There are about 4 discos here at the junk yard 1999 through 2004 (what parts should I stock up on I already stocked up on lug nuts at .50 Cents a piece ) I some times I ask myself why I still own this truck hahahaha
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