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Hey there,
We're new to the forum- hi! We've had our '03 Discovery S for 1 1/2 years. Adore it! But the dealer's *not* terribly close-by.
Service engine soon light's on, had it diagnosed by local PepBoys and it returned these 5 codes:

ok, what do all these mean- I was told it had to do with the exhaust system in general. But now it won't start. Battery does not seem to be dead, any chance these codes have anything to do with this new development?

tx for any light you can shed on this-

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1590 is for your 3 Amigo's
1172 and 1175 have to do with both banks running rich if I remember right
1412 and 1415 have to do with the SAI valves, possible leak or failed.
I n the future, a statement like the battery seems fine is not very accurate. Yje only way you can tell if a battery is good is to do a charging system test.
How mechanical are you and or do you have a good Rover mechanic?
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