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I want to buy a landrover any ideas 12-17k

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I want to buy a landrover around 12-17k for my first 4x4 is a landrover right 4 me?

I live in western Australia in the north west, and need a 4wd to get to all the fishing and camping spots that i have not been able to get to yet. I am thinking Landrover as they are 10k plus cheeper than nissan patrolls and hilux etc of simular age. I am looking at probably a tdi over petrol. I would really appreciate if you good people can give me any advice on how to pick a good 1, and roughtly what year I could get for 12 to 17 grand- (been looking and leaning towards say a 92-97 disco) I intend on spending 10% to 20% off road and want something reliable and reasonably cheep to run.

Also if u have a rough idea of how many km to a tank (and what sized tank) it would also be handy?

On ebay people were asking a seller about rust in the underbody...Is it a common place too look for it?

Would a disco be the best way to go?

Diesel over petrol or duelfuel (petrol/gas)?

Do they have reasonable overtaking power?

Any advice you could give me would be very much appreiciated as I have only driven Hilux's (which i believe are over rated and over priced)

Thankyou for reading this and greater thanks to all who can shed some light on my Questions.
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