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I want to hear good Land Rover reliability stories

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Okay, you hear all the nightmares about people who own Land Rovers and spend 3k a year in repairs. I own a 2002 Discovery which I have only had for a few months but so far so good other then a front seat not moving backwards but fixed under warranty and I can live with the little quirks like that. What I am looking for is people who can tell me they're at 60-70-80-90-100+K on their Rovers with no big monwey problems. I'm most interested in Series II Discoverys since that its what I own but I'd love to hear about the Series 1 Discos, Range Rovers and Freelanders aswell. Go ahead...make me feel better.
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**Knock on wood before I start!**

I bought my 1991 RRC in 1996 w/ ~45,000 on the clock. It now has ~125,000. In that time, it only left me stranded once, turned out to be the ignition amplifier. I've been good about regular maintenance, as well as replacing things when they go due to age or mileage (or a killer deal at the British Pacific deal of the day), most recently shocks. BTW, in 1999, my GF (now fiance) and I drove "Gwenny" cross country and back on a six week adventure. 9000+ miles and the only problem was a blown transmission hose (which was the result of a previous half-a$$ed repair-not the fault of the rover), a broken fog light... and that's it. She ran like a top and loved every minute of it. I do almost all the repairs myself which helps keep running costs low. She only really sees a shop once a year (**knock on wood again**) for fluid changes or a repair beyond the scope of my abilities.

My 2003 Freelander SE3 has been great too. I bought it in Dec. 2003 for a steal, and have done about 25,000 miles on her. Nothing as impressive as the range, but several road trips up and down the east coast and some moderate off-roading. It's also been very reliable, only problems were an idiot light which did not affect drivability (fixed under warranty), a punctured tire (no fault of the truck), and 2 or 3 minor trim pieces which fell off.

I think staying on top of my mainenance is a big reason behind my good fortune w/ my rovers, sometimes I just don't know what other people are doing that causes them to have so many problems.

But I feel dipped in green, and besides intending to keep Gwenny for as many years as the car-gods see fit, I intend to always have a Land Rover in my stable. They're that good.
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