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Idiot here

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Ok, I must be an Idiot or something, I have got new magnecore 8mm wires for my 1999 rover disco 1, now before I changed them it ran, but now it sounds like it is missing, I just got the wiring diagram a thread or two ago tried it and no go, just misses sputters and dies, i have followed the diagram 4 times now to no avail, i origionally followed each wire as i pulled it and thought that was my issue that i may have crossed a wire or something but this has me stumped, fuel pressure is great just replaced pump, btw plugs are new as well ngk's the plugs when i pull them are wet that should also tell me it is missing as it is not ignighting the fuel, i checked the spark at each end of the wire with a spark plug all were sparking. is there something I am missing here ? please help wife wants her car back, thanks guys,,,,,,,,
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How was it running with the old plugs and wires? How does it run when you reinstall the old plugs with the new wires? New plugs with the old wires?
Make sure plugs are gapped...if no change, then put old wires back on, if change, then new wires faulty. Also, stick with the recommended plugs....none of this quad super lightning crap....just simple oem spec plugs....they can make a HUGE difference.

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yes running with the old wires, plugs are the same, i made the mistake of buying cheap wires, so i got good ones and changed them out but not the plugs as there are only a month or so old, i changed the wires back to the old and still have the issue, im at a loss im going to go look make sure all sensors and hoses are plugged in make sure i didnt unplug something changing the wires.
If you're like me, you've probably got the wires connected to the coil wrong... perhaps an mirror image thing. I'm notorious at connecting things perfectly backwards!

How are you checking that the new wires with plugs are actually sparking?
Don't count out the new plugs. Double check them and make sure they're not bosh. Do a search for best plugs for your motor.
Also, is it multiple, random misfires, or one cylinder?

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i have the ngk plugs, and the were running on the old wires, now since i changed the wires no go,, wont idle runs super rough and super rich, assuming due to to missfire, i have a picture someone gave me to use passenger side bank is 2,4,6,8 . 2 closest to the radiator, and then drivers side 1,3,5,7 and on the coil pack bracket it has the number stamped on it, any other advise im so lost here, thinking a simple wire change and im looking like a huge idiot.

i checked the wire by pluging in a old spark plug and grounding to block, and it sparked,,,,,
Runs rough and super rich...what kind of wires did you get? I've had trouble with anything from auto zone on several different cars.....oreilly's was good.... I think if you've wired it according to the diagram and you have the recommended plugs, then you're down to the wires....
Are they supposed to be resistor wires? I can't remember..
Disregard most of this post...i just reread your first post where you said magnacore. Those are well reviewed wires....hmmmm

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Just a thought....check to make sure you haven't accidentally disconnected the fuel pressure regulator at the back if the fuel rail, or cracked a vaccum line therein. I think it's behind the throttle and cruise diaphragm connections...

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i have a picture someone gave me to use passenger side bank is 2,4,6,8 . 2 closest to the radiator, and then drivers side 1,3,5,7 and on the coil pack bracket it has the number stamped on it,
Each coil fires alternatively. All cylinders on that coil get a spark. So the placement of leads must follow the firing order with every second cylinder in the firing sequence on the one coil. It will never be one bank on one coil and the other bank on another. The correct sequence is 1, 6, 7, 4 on one coil and 8, 5, 3, 2 on the other.
thank you for the info, will a cps sensor cause a missfire, or just kill all spark? it seems to have got better but still missing,,
ok, update here, still have the missfire, no codes thrown yet so im not sure how many are missing, however it has sat for a few days and when i started it it started right up and idled a little high about 1000 and was missing, better than before as it would not stay idling, now i noticed my passanger side cyl bank is alot hotter than the driver side and unplugging the plug wires from passanger side would make the rover die ( one at a time) but un plugging the drivers side i really did not notice a difference in the running, im thinking it is a drivers side that is the issue, what could be going on here?
Good idea unplugging the wires. So each wire on one side made no difference at all? It seems one or two would be crossed and when you hit one right it should die. But one coil doesn't control the drivers side only etc...there kinda crossed up. Maybe try to start it in complete dark and look for arc. Did you unhook the maf while reaching for the wires behind the engine. Strange no codes at all yet however mines been pretty good at not coding out when I knew it was missing or something was wrong.

I'm just throwing things at ya. I would be sure the wires ain t crossed inspection mirror and a light should make the cylinder numbers on the coil visible...I would make damn sure...even if I unhooked it all and started again. Maybe even use old known good parts at times to substitute individually and process the elimination there. Don't the coils have to ground out through the bracket. Maybe be sure there both tight and its not some random miss associated with a ground. Those type of misses usually don't form a distinguishable pattern...

Idk for sure. Wish I could help more. I'll try to throw random ideas maybe somebody'll come argue with me about it.
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The only thing that works on a how bank are the injectors. You might want to check that they are working on that side.
ok guys i will check that and get back to you shortly, thank you all for reading and posting,,,, you all are awesome,
ok it finally threw me some codes, p 1316, p0300, and p0451, please help i know one is multiple missfire ugh this onehas me frustrated to no end
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