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The idler pulley on my Disco II is making a lot of noise. Checked with the dealer about a recall on that pulley, but there's nothing in their system. So, now I want to replace it myself.

There are however 2 idler pulleys available.
1) 70mm (PQR500060)
2) 80mm (PQR101150)

Which is the correct pulley, below the tensioner unit ?

I guess one's got to get the belt off first, before removing the old idler pulley. Are there any tricks/advice that other users can give ?

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I would request a print out from the service dept on your vehicles recalls.
I know nearly all the factory pulleys fail and it is a mess when they go. Mine were replace on my 99 under a recall.
As for what size to use, ask parts to pull them out and compare size to the factory originial if all else fails. Probably should change out your belt at the same time, usually cracked too much by 45K.
Mike J.
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