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So I'm at the post office today and the ignition lock apparently falls apart. The key spins right round in the lock and it isn't actuating anything. The steering column is locked (thankfully almost straight ahead) and the switch is in the accessory 1 position. I have radio but no window lifts or dashboard. I can't start it. Good thing I have AAA Premier, although this time the tow was less than a mile.

Upon removing the steering column nacelle, I can see this lock has been removed before since the shear bolts have slots cut in them. Upon removing the lock, it pretty much falls apart with the lock cylinder falling out of the mechanism. Long story short, whatever fastener the factory used to fix the lock cylinder in place is missing, allowing the cylinder to back out and disengage the switch. I've fixed this by threading the hole in the lock housing and making a 10-32 set screw that fixes the cylinder in place.

But here's the thing: While I was cleaning up the lock itself, I noticed the three outermost tumblers were missing. Can this be right? Somehow I don't think so.

The lock has a lot of wear, so I think what I'll do is get the key codes from the LR dealer and have a couple of new keys made to code, then have the locksmith replace all the lock tumblers including the three missing ones. I could get a new lock, but I'd prefer to have the doors and ignition keyed alike, and to the original code.

This was not what I was planning to do today.

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Call Paul Grant, his number is below, he can sell you a good used assembly for a lot less then Rover wants for a new one.
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