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Hello fellow Disco owners, I'm in need of some help. I own a 02 Discovery II with 120k on the clock. She's treaded me quite well for the time I've owned her. Recently I have encountered a funny issue with the ignition and its got me stumped. The Disco will start fine with a fuel tank over 1/2 full, anything under 1/2 a tank and it will turn over but never ignite on first attempt (no matter how long u hold the key). Second turn of the key and it starts right away. Also will start right up if the engine is warm even with under 1/2 tank. I have a OBDII reader and its not throwing any codes. My first guess was fuel pump issue? But wanted an opinion before i start taking apart the rear interior.

Anyone else encounter this issue? Any help is much appreciated!
Thanks -MrOwl
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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