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SO i sold my LR3 a few months back and have a bunch of stuff that i am getting rid of.

This post is for my IID tool. Worked well and is completely compatible with LR3 and LR4. This retails for about $500. Will sell for $300 shipped to US, outside might be a bit more for shipping.

I spoke with GAP Diagnostic (manufacturer) and all that you will need to do is email them with a Vin and pay a transfer fee of about $50 to have it synced with your vehicle. So even after transferring it, still a savings of about $150!

Other LR3 parts For Sale....
IID tool.
4 - 18" lr3 10spoke-wheels with brand new stock tires
third row seats, black leather
front bumper cover, dark gray.
stock height sensor rods front and rear

Just shoot me an email or pm with a price for anything you may want.
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