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back in the saddle again! :buttrock:

after about a month of downtime, i picked up Sparky (my Disco) from the tranny shop.

long story short(er):

after comming home from a quick sunday drive at the nearby dunes. my tranny went out. (lots of loud whining) when i tried taking for a test drive to see what was wrong, there was no forward movement. of course i found out after it rolled down the driveway. (6000 pounds baby :eek: ) i drover her 2 miles (backwards :buttrock: ) to the tranny shop, where they confirmed it was the tranny (not the transfer case) i posted her on craigs list to sell as is, i got lucky when i got a call from a guy who was parting out a 92 RRC. $350 vs. $1050 at Phoenis Hard Parts, $5000 :bawling: at RN (BOOYA!) and a met a cool local guy with a cherry RRC. after paying $918 ( :beer: ) for installation (i literally have less than $2 in checking) It's good to get back in the drivers seat of my sweet ass Disco, and out of the passenger seat of my mom's Caravan (I fully support minivans, it just felt somewhat degrading)

WOO!! :drive:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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