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im new here,LR3 pics.

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hi everyone,im new here and i dont own Land Rover,but my dad does,and the reason he owns it cuz of me,
ok my dad vent on the vacation last weak so i decided to take his car for a lil ride,
last pic is my car,
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I know several 17 years olds in the area that have E46 M3 that are loaded with all sorts of aftermarket goodies..

Look fellas.. if the guy's father can afford to buy his son a nice car... don't hate him for it! Heck if I had a car like that when I was 21 I would have been happy as hell.. or wrapped it around a pole. :D

I think a lot of the hate comes from jealousy... that's my .0000283517 cents worth.

But Jesusfreak.. I would work on the spelling and grammar if I were you..

Paris Hilton?? :confused I can't fathom spending any time with someone that comes across that stupid..... sorry...
I hear ya on the frequent flyer thing... but man, she just does not appeal to me...


I know you don't hate "hate" him.. it's just a slang term. Anyhow, all I was trying to say is that it's his dad's money, and he can do whatever he wants with it. Passing judgement on something you have very little info on is not the way to go..

Enjoy yourself, and remeber life is a smorgasboard. Take what you need and leave what you don't.

I have an E36 M3 sedan and my girlfriend has an E36 M3 Convertible. She wants an E46 M3, so I am gonna sell her 'vert soon. I love mine, hate the convetible. 450 pounds heavier and hers is an automatic! ACK!!! :confused Well she had it before we met.. It could have been MUCH MUCH worse.. she could have been driving a Sebring convertible or some crap like that...

Well.. let's see...

My parents bought me a new car when I was 17 (a 1988 VW Jetta.) I also took out my dad's, then new, 1988 BMW 535is and flogged the **** out of it.. without asking or telling him... before I had my license... and I turned out ok, as my parents tell me. Why? Because my parents taught me the value of things..

Yeah I heard all the stories too.... about "daddy buying me a new car" and all that crap.. whatever... when my family moved to the US from Russia in 1980 we were totally poor... My parents had $200. They worked hard and are now very successful.. That taught me several things, among them:

I never EVER want to be poor like that again, and will do whatver it takes (legally of course) to never be in that spot. Failure is not an option.
People are lazy, there are plenty of opportunities, but people don't want to work. They all want to succeed, but only some are willing to work for it.

Anyhow.. I don't mean to preach... I just think I can understand where Jesusfreak is coming from.

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Hee hee Jonesy... I can still read, but sadly I can't write in Russian any more.. I have been in the US so long now, and so Americanized, I now speak Russian with an English accent! :rolleyes:

VOGUE SE said:
Apparently the LR3 is more fun then the Beemer. Yeah!!! :buttrock:
Ahh I miss my M3.. dang.. :bawling:

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