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im new here,LR3 pics.

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hi everyone,im new here and i dont own Land Rover,but my dad does,and the reason he owns it cuz of me,
ok my dad vent on the vacation last weak so i decided to take his car for a lil ride,
last pic is my car,
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Are you guys serious? Doesn't anyone see a problem with this spoiled brat taking daddy's disposable LR3 and repair money for a mudrun while daddy is out of town? And then he has the audacity to brag about it by posting pics on the internet along with the beamer he got for Christmas? If you were my kid, your ass would be in an orphanage.

"It's only a car"??? You're in no position to say this, only your father is.

21, spoiled and loaded...must be nice

95 D1
99 D2
2003 RR
I worked for mine.
Look fellas.. if the guy's father can afford to buy his son a nice car... don't hate him for it! Heck if I had a car like that when I was 21 I would have been happy as hell.. or wrapped it around a pole.

I think a lot of the hate comes from jealousy... that's my .0000283517 cents worth.

No offense Serge, but I dont hate the kid nor am I jealous...and I am fairly certain I have as much loot or more than daddy. I am also certain character is a dying breed.
1 - 2 of 56 Posts
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