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im new here,LR3 pics.

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hi everyone,im new here and i dont own Land Rover,but my dad does,and the reason he owns it cuz of me,
ok my dad vent on the vacation last weak so i decided to take his car for a lil ride,
last pic is my car,
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Nice to see a brand-new Land Rover being used for the things it was designed for. Axle articulation looks pretty good- I just hope the traction control works as intended with a wheel in the air- or you've got the rear locking differential ;)

I've just started seeing the new Discovery (as the LR3 is called anywhere except North America) where I live- I've tracked down a green one and a silver one, both TdV6 Manual SE models. The green one has been muddy everytime I've seen it and it must only be a few weeks old, so that obviously has gone to a good home.

I used to be dubious about the looks of the Disco- in the photos it always looked to big, bland and bus-like, but I've seen several 'in the flesh' and they look totally different- must be the neastest Discovery yet, and a great engine/transmission line up.

1 - 1 of 56 Posts
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