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undefined :drive: Hello everyone. I have a 1990 LR Defender 90. When i bought it 18 months ago it had already had certain mods. done, the main one was a 300 series engine instead of the 200 series original.

My problem is that the factory fitted immobiliser that is fitted keeps tripping out for no reason. I have been recovered 4 times in the past 18 months due to none starting because of the immobiliser. I have had a new key fob plip and it is starting to cost a fortune for the diagnostic computer to have the immobiliser reset.

My question is Can the immobiliser be taken out/bypassed etc.

At the moment my vehicle is on my drive and will have to be recovered to the garage again.

Any help/advice would be much appreciated as soon as possible as my wallet thinks its on a diet the weight it keeps losing.

Thank you.
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