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Hello All,

Recently I had the occasion to speak with P.T. Schram about my 2000 Disco 2.

The body control unit on my Disco 2 decided, with a little help from the immobilizer, to quit.

I had it towed to the dealer, who after checking it out at $148.00 per hour, determined that it was the body control unit. Even though electrically the BCU worked it would not talk to the car at all! The BCU is an expensive unit from Rovers North, $643 US and even more from the dealer.

I called P.T. Schram who suggested that if i had another BCU to give that a try instead of replacing it with the costly new one. It worked. 4 hours. The only problem is that the dealer did not pair the old remotes with the replacement unit. If I want that done it, would cost another $147.00.

I am glad I called P.T. Schram Rover Repair. at 260 804 0458.[/SIZE][/SIZE]
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