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importing a defender

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does any one know the rules for importing a defender from UK. Is it if it is over 25 years old its importable? I also read something about that the engine had to be the original OEM. These trucks advertised here in the states from the UK are getting over priced quick and many of the engines have been converted in the UK before importing to one of the diesel engines, thus my confusion with the OEM engine rule. From the UK Ebay site a mid 1980s defender 90 or 110 seems to be selling around the 6-7K range. With shipping less than 4k to East Coast, I appreciate any advice on the importing process other than the obvious pig in a poke gamble, I would like to try it! Anybody with experience?


john iv
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Make sure it is stock, just like it rolled out of the factory. No TD5 dash, no engine swap, no left hand drive conversion, no galvanized chassis etc.

Check with Doug Crawthor on Land Rover Defender Forum - Defender & Series Owners Community he is a importer and knows the ins and outs. He for a fee of course can take care of the customs end. He knows better than anyone else I can think of what is safe to import. Be careful of those saying it's ready to go for the US market without doing your due diligence. There is one for sale right now over on landroverforums that is good for the year but has to many mods to make it in country.
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