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in need of help !!!

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hows it going ? i just wanted to put a few things down. i bought a discovery last year and ran into some problems soon after i bought it. since, it has been in my garage and moved around occasionally. my major problem now being winter is almost over and i have the time to mess around w/ it is a oil leak. the "rear cam bore seal" popped out and i have to remove the trans and flywheel to replace it. i need to know if anyone knows what causes this. if there is a tech here let me know. i haven`t called the dealership yet this week in fear of them just and telling me i have to bring it in. i`m A.S.E. certified i don`t work at a shop presently and don`t have one of my own, but i have one to use. i`m trying to get a shopmanual but it seams they are quite hard to get a hold of. if anyone knows anything about replacing this seal and what causes it to pop out(i.e. timing chain needs replacement, valvetrain movement, etc.) let me know...
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I have never heard of the rear plug coming out by itself before. Unlike freeze plugs, the cam bore plug is aluminum, and when inserted at the factory, is also sealed with a hardening sealant. The only thing I can guess is that if the engine was rebuilt in the past, this plug, along with the freeze plugs, and threaded tappet oil gallery plugs should have all been removed when the block was boiled and cleaned. Since the cam bore plug is not available from anyone but Rover, maybe the original was reused, a No No. The Oil pressure could have been sufficient to pop a reused one out, or possibly the trapped oil pushed it out 'hydraulicly' with end float of the cam (shouldn't be too much with a new chain and sprockets). That's the only possibility I can think of. In any case, when you install the new one, use stud and bearing cement, and peen three spots on the endge of the hole, on the block.
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