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So I'm heading to Virginia on vacation, I hear clunking, pull over and the transfer gear light & bell say it's in netural. I reset it back to high everything seems good, over the Delaware bridge. Clunking, smoke, and going nowhere.

So, I had it towed to a dealership, have to wait til tomorrow for a diagnosis, and estimate.

Before I get clunked over the head, does anyone know an Indy shop in this area. There was also a pretty loud whirring or whistling sound before I made it to the shoulder. Could this be just an adjustment, reset, or something minor, or am I screwed??

More information, I recently installed a trim kit, and may have knocked something out of place???

So, I need some help or advise or about how much I'm gonna pay for something like this.
Chris from Wall has done extensive work on my truck, but this time I'm way too far from the shop!! Gotta laugh so I don't cry, GF is pissed but won't say so!!

Any help is appreciated,
Mike O
PS: I'm renting a car to get to Virginia so they'll have a week to do the work.
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