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Infuriated by power windows, please help!

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Hi all... long time lurker, first time caller.

So the patient is a 1993 LWB. Rear windows work roughly once per month. Just installed a known good window ECU, no change. Checked all four switches on the center console switch panel and all four worked fine. Was tracing relays when things got weird. I removed BOTH of the relays indicated by RAVE as power window relays... and the front windows still work fine. Ghosts, or is the 1993 some sort of bastard child with relays in some other place? Save me from my insanity, people!

Here's the evil demon:
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I wish I had an answer. When I was tracing and rewiring my 1993 fusible links over to a later fuse box, I was going back and forth with different wiring schematics. The older schematics were right on some items and the newer schematics were right on other electrical components. You may have to look at newer and older info.
Since you're having intermittent problems, there's a good chance it's an electrical short. It would just be a matter of finding the bad connecting and either replacing some wire, or cleaning the contacts and applying conductive grease.

If you think you have crossed wiring, try pulling the fuse for the windows. This should show if you're getting mystery power from somewhere else.

Otherwise, try just sending 12V down the correct wire from the ECU plug to test the wiring that goes to the door.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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