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pretty much the same as a dizzy except for bleeding and such, it will only locate in one position in the drive dog

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losing faith

hi all
haveing a bad time with me landy
ive had no end of runnuing problems like fuel starve. ther was no air getting in the systom so i decided to change the injector pump carnt go wroung only gos in one way so all when in ok i bolted it down after i fitted the injetor pipes
so i would be in the same place as the old one . the pump came from a running engine so i no it was ok. i got her started but had to raise the idle
be4 she shaked to pits........ so took her on a test drive she seem slugish and still a bit smokey as if its over fueling? i will wide open the throttle stop just a bit to see how she goes or does any body think the pump timeing could be out ?........she smokes light blue shes always had a little smoke on idle until this running problem iam a lose ends hear dont no wear to look next thinking of sticking a 2.5 sherpa in her????
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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