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I used to be a mechanic in Alaska, and I've installed hundreds of block heaters, but never in a Landrover. I worked in a shop where we worked on anything that rolled in the door. In general, they all install similarly. Some are a real pain (Ford Exploder and Nissan PF) and some easy. If the instructions tell you to remove a specific freeze plug, then you have to do that one. Otherwise, pick one that is easy to access from the bottom. I use a long (30") extension with a socket on it that fits the shank of a punch. Grind the punch to a really sharp point. This setup gives you a really long punch that you can hit with your hammer without bashing your knuckles. Poke a hole in the freeze plug, then screw a dent puller into the hole. You can then just yank out the freeze plug easily. If you don't have a dent puller, drive a sheetmetal screw into the hole. If you can get in there with a prybar or claw hammer, that might work, or grab it with visegrips and pull. The rest is easy; just don't over-tighten the toggle bolt. Makes a big mess, so have a big drain pan under it. I'll go out tmorrow and see if I can tell which plug might be best to attack. Good luck!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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