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I recently bought an 2007 LR3 V6 4.0 and I'm going to be replacing the Air ride compressor so I was woundering if theres any major sets to look out for? Also, when taking off the air lines is as simply as pulling them off and plugging them back in. I don't usually do many projects on the SUV so is it simply enough as just taking out the old one and replacing the new one? Does any have a full video or write up on how to replace the compressor. As far as unplugging the lines and ré plugging them into the new one thanks. You could reach me at [email protected] would greatly appreciate it.

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I recently just had to change out my air dryer on my 06, I can tell you the first time you go to take off the top plastic you will be struggling because you don't want to ruin anything... But don't by shy with it!

I have seen posts where people tell you take off the entire bracket and leave the top plastic in place to make life easy. Do not even bother trying that as you will have a melt down trying to figure out how to get to the top bolt (even with extensions and swivels). The easiest way was brute force and wiggling the top plastic out.

First unplug the 2 electrical connections then unplug the air lines. It's very easy but you might need a squirt of wd-40 or any other lubricant to free them up, but make sure you fully wipe them off after if you do wind up using any spray.
It's as simple as just pushing the fitting in and pulling on the hose (might have to wiggle it a bit).
After all the hoses are disconnected pull the front of the top plastic down and start to wiggle and rotate it to follow the compressor and the back will start to lift up and become jammed, take the back and pull it straight down and wiggle it pretty hard and rotate it at the same time to follow the compressor and it will just pop right out. The foam sound dampener will rip a bit but it doesn't matter its not much and you can always use double sided tape to put it back if you really anal about it ;)

After that its just 3 hex bolts to remove (the 06 had 2 hex and 1 torx)
Just reverse the process to put it back and your done.
After you have mastered getting the plastic out you can change a compressor and all parts in less then 15 mins form start to finish.

Also make sure you have the updated 70 amp relay in your fuse box but I'm pretty sure you should already if it was ever taken to the dealer and your current compress has any numbers written on it with a white paint pen.

Also are you replacing the compressor or rebuilding the current one?
If you are rebuilding it be VERY careful when changing out the Delivery Valve, if the bolt is very hard to spin out spray lube in there and let it soak! I made the mistake of not doing that and when I was spinning out the bolt it became cross threaded and ripped up the threads on the bolt and in the compressor itself!
I had to buy a used compressor off of ebay and swap out the main valve system to get back up and running again... All in all I was able to get a used compressor for $65 so its wasn't too expensive but still $ wasted and lesson learned. It almost happened again on the used compressor but this time around I spun the bolt out a little and sprayed some wd-40 on it and let it soak for 10 mins.

Part #'s

Delivery Valve - LR020590
Air Drier - VUB504700
Relay - YWB500220

I ordered all parts from

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I had to replace the dryer on my sisters LR3. I left the top plastic piece in and removed the compressor. Getting the top bolt out wasn't bad, I used a ratcheting wrench. When I put it back in, I used electrical tape to hold the bolt on the bracket.
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