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Installing new Suspension

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I got 4 new ES9000 2" exstended length shocks.
Nice Big Blue Springs 2.5" lift.
Exstended Brake Lines. (I dont think I am spelling exstended right.)

So, do I need to take it to a professional? I have installed new suspensions. My brother says I need a spring compressor. Can I do this my self?
RoverX are ya still up to helping me?

I also got a Front Skid Plate, Front Diff Guard, and a Safari Gard steering Conversion kit. Some good, but used, 235/85/16 tires.
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ive taken apart my suspension a few times with no problems. all you need is two jack stands two jacks, channel lock, and a bunch of basic tools. spring retainer was unnecessary.

rear: loosen the lug nuts. jack up the vehicle as high as you can and put the jack stands underneath both sides of the frame. take off the tires remove the shocks. if shocks twist, hold it in place with channel locks if your hands cant. lower the jacks. undo the bolts for the spring retainers. put the bottle jack on the axle near the bump stop and pump it enough to unseat the spring. be careful not to overextend the brake line. installation is the opposite.

front: front is about the same, but there is a shock tower to deal with. remove bottom nut first then undo the shock tower nuts. pull straight out and remove the upper shock nut.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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