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Installing new Suspension

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I got 4 new ES9000 2" exstended length shocks.
Nice Big Blue Springs 2.5" lift.
Exstended Brake Lines. (I dont think I am spelling exstended right.)

So, do I need to take it to a professional? I have installed new suspensions. My brother says I need a spring compressor. Can I do this my self?
RoverX are ya still up to helping me?

I also got a Front Skid Plate, Front Diff Guard, and a Safari Gard steering Conversion kit. Some good, but used, 235/85/16 tires.
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Thank you, so I dont need to pay some mech 100$ an hour to install my stuff, goodie. Thanks guys :buttrock: Oh and when I said I have installed suspension before I ment I have done on VW's never a Rover.
roverX said:
Do you need those shock towers I have to accommodate for the ES9000's? What is the top end like on the front shocks? Is it an eye loop like the rear or a stud like the original front shocks?

If you need help, the only thing I ask is that you pay for gas. Sorry about that part but gas prices are a wee bit too high right before Christmas! (got 3 little boys to spoil) :D
They have studs. I ordered the extended brake lines from DAP, they are on a two week back-order. I might cancel the order and buy some from RTE.
John, do you sell extended lines on 4x4ag?

I will pay you 100$ for gas, or more if needed. Whats you work week like?

That is where I am located. I dont know if it helps. I am about 8miles from the blue lakes turn off heading east on 88E then 89S.
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1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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