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Hey forum,

hate to overload you with (possibly) stupid questions, but you all are a wealth of information and I'd feel stupid if I didn't come here to ask.

My interior headliner is in great condition it is just sagging a bit. I have now clue how to make that tighter without ruining it. Any advice?

I will post pictures later on today.

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there's no good way to repair the existing headliner. Usually it sags due to the breakdown of the foam layer that's between the molded piece and the fabric.
1) remove the headliner through the back hatch. Take care not to bend it much (it could crease)
2) Carefully pull off the old fabric and throw away
3) either use a wire brush, or some other method, to remove the old foam layer from the molded piece. This is a VERY important step. Remove as much as you can..unless you want to do it all over again in a week!
4) measure carefully so you can go buy your new headliner material.
- I found that microfiber suede looked the best, but get whatever! You can get foam backed, or not..doesn't matter. Always get more than you think you'll need!
5) use an auto/boat apolstry spray glue, following directions, to glue a section at a time.
- be careful to work the fabric straight to minimize folds and runners.
6) apply lots of pressure, via rolling pin, to set the glue permanently.

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when recovering your discovery 1 or 2 the material at its widest point in 62 inches, you will need a (64 inch material to recover your headliner board) in one piece as it was done so at the manufacture.

If I can help in any way please let me know how I can help. Bill
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