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Interior Rear Rubber Strip 96' D1

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Can someone help me locate the rubber strip that is found on the floor for the back door (where it closes)? I bought a 96' D1 5-speed SD and the strip is missing. It took in alot of water. I pulled everything out that was back there because mold has gotten into the carpet. And I wanted to see the damagae the rust had caused.
Does anyone have a ball-park figure ($$$) if I wanted to change all existing carpet ?

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Contact John at Robison Service for help first....

It is in Springfield Mass down the road from you. Contact John [email protected] . He writes a lot about the Discoveries for RoversNorth and I have had correspondence with him over the past few months. He knows his stuff.

With all the nonsense I have been having here in NYC, I might go there and let him handle my ride if I don't get some real help in the Big Apple.

If you want to DIY, take an eagle eye for the stripping and find it whereever you see it. As for the carpeting, I suggest you ask around and decide first if you want OE or custom carpeting.

Just my say.

Adam in NYC :drive:
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Reply about eagle eye

oceanswithin said:
I am new at this, can you tell me what this means???

If you want to DIY, take an eagle eye for the stripping and find it whereever you see it.

What is "eagle eye" ???
Keep a sharp lookout whenever you are shopping. I have seen it in home improvement stores, retail auto stores, hardware stores; whereever there are windows products or autoparts for sale.

I have found it at my HomeDepot, RS Strauss (they buy from JC Whitney and then boost the price astronomically, they sell the 3M strip but 20.00 dollars?)

Replacement Auto weatherstripping can be successfully substituted.

If you don't know what to buy, look at all your weatherstripping that is in good shape. Measure with your eye and whatver you use as a visual measure the width of the stripping. I use my right thumbnail and thumb.

Compare the bottom door stripping with the top. Then go shopping. When you finally do the install, make sure to coat the stripping with silicone spray for final waterproofing seal and that when it rains the water stays outside.
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