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intermitten hard hot start 97 Disco 1

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My new to me 1997 Disco 1, 4.0L has an intermitten hot starting issue, will crank but struggle to start, sometimes taking a couple tries and then it struggles to life. Acts like a fuel issue by how it acts when it does start. Doesnt do it every time, cold starts good, idles good hot or cold, goes down the road smooth on all 8 cylinders. I have had issues on my past Disco's with sensors messing up the firing sequence at lower rpms in closed loop and with sticky valves on my very first one. Not sure if we will have time to pull the codes that have the MIL lamp tonight in class, but for sure on Monday nights class. I will post the codes once we pull them. Havent had the $$ to buy my own scanner yet. Going to school for ASE auto mechanic certification along with heavy truck diesel. Feel free to post up things for me to look at in the mean time till I get the codes pulled. Thanks in advance. Mike T
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I know the crank positioning sensor can cause cranking issues.
Pulled the codes today in class, plus tightned up a loose oil filter, power steering leak appears to be the output shaft on the steering box. Only DTC code was for O2 sensor, bank 1 sensor 1. I cant find in my workshop manual(yet) which bank is 1 but if its drivers side, and sensor 1 being the pre-cat sensor, that makes some sense as its getting hot oil dripped onto it from a leaking valve cover gasget. I cleared the code and we will see what happens. The cats/y pipe looks recent along with the O2 sensors, so it might be an old code. She is starting better the more I run it. I dont think he was driving the Rover much. Mike
I had this issue on my 98. started doing this intermittently when hot and parked for 15-30 minutes. This then turned to cold starts as well after about 6 months. Check for fuel at your rail next time it does this. If you get air-it's your fuel return valve inside your fuel tank...The valve on mine wore out and was letting fuel drain back into the tank. Been happy trails ever since. may not be your problem but worth checking out.
It is a fuel presure problem, if I turn the key to run position, then fasten my seat belt, she will start right up. If it just go right to start, most times it wont start. For now I just do my little ritual of turning her to run, then fasten my seat belt, then fire the old girl up. Mike
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