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in the last couple of months Ive been getting stuck in parking lots, at home, etc. Engine will crank, but not catch. First diagnosis was a failing fuel pump; replaced it and had no incidents for a couple of weeks. I got stranded again, and had vehicle towed (yes, on a flatbed) to dealer. They put in new crankshaft position sensor and adjusted MAF and I drove off only to have another no start that afternoon. Finally got it going again, drove back and left it at shop. they had it for a couple of weeks, but couldn't get it to repeat problem, so couldn't find anything to fix. I brought it home (over an hour's drive) and couldn't get it to start again.
I have good pressure at the fuel rail, have taken apart and tested the inertia switch and it wouldn't start. Until...I rolled it down my driveway in Neutral to get it out of the way, and it started right up as if nothing had ever been wrong.
Anyone out there have suggestions?
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