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I know a lot of owners who already replaced both the expensive IRD and VC in early freelanders. Spoke with a LR engineer who claims to be an expert on the subject and told me of course that early units (97-00) was made with wrong ratios to rear differ. but also that the weakest point are the bearings inside IRD.
If you be able to open the unit (hard to do) and replace all these bearings with some aftermarket (SKF or something, not sure) then works fine! Of course stuck-solid VC's need to replace.
Also, told me that IRDs in V6 freelanders, are different (better) from 1.8K and TD4, this is only for the rest of hippos around.
Just thinkin that if someone can fix the IRD, will save a lot of troubles and money, so any info is usefull.
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