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is it possible...

1984 Views 4 Replies 3 Participants Last post by  keptin pick up a '97 SE7 in decent running condition for around $5K?

i'm starting to look for a d1 and my budget is around 5k. i really want an se7 and prefer a '97 'cuz i almost got one way back then

btw, a guy at the dealer told me '98 was a bad year as far as reliability goes, is this true?
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of course....just take a look at this;

....I mean...its not an SE7, but if you trade all of its off road goodies for it being an SE7...then you have it.

If dont need the stuff like the rear air, the you could just get a normal rover and add the rear jump seats I believe.
Ouch! It look like at atlanticbritish (expensive) BRAND NEW they are $500/seat. The better option would be just to contact a place that parts out rovers (there are many) or post on here and that you want to buy rear disco I jump seats and you could probably get them for $100/seat or less. It would probably take around 3 hours to put them in since you would be learning as you went.

Its probably the better route of the two; not only are the SE7's more rare, but also you will find more people wanting them for a "family car" and therefore willing to pay much more. The rear step is probably something like $40 or so used....maybe $100 new.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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