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I bought a 1987 2.4 TD VM Range Rover with 130,000 kms last summer. Every body told me it was a great bargain when I first had it. Now that the gear box broke down, the same people tell me that this model (the 2.4 VM) was terrible and that it will break down permanently.

There certainly is an intermediate opinion between these two extremes.

Could some Range Rover specialist tell me under what conditions this specific model can be fragile? I suppose it needs regular servicing and I shouldn't drive it as if it were a japanese race car. If I handle it the way it should be, I suppose it's as good as any other Land Rover. Or isn't it?

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I think the box going was just bad luck,Its the same box as the V8 so its the luck of the draw.
Just keep it well serviced and keep the cooling system in A1 nick and you shouldnt have any problems and drive as you feel fit but dont totter about constantly as this in itself can cause problems.
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