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Is the tow capacity really 8,000lbs on the DI

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I did some searching and found the DI can haul a 4 ton payload, is this right?

My boat is 5100lbs and 27' foot, this is why i ask. TIA!! :beer:
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I occasionally pull this much weight with no problems with my '95 5sp. I have a 24ft pursuit with a dry weigth of 5200lbs. Add 100 gal of fuel, 20 gal of water plus the trailer and it is pretty close. The beast is rated for 7700 in low range so I know I'm excedding this but only pull it a few miles to the ramp. I have pulled it 50 miles on flat highway before with no problems to get the boat to the dealer. It is a lot of weight and the front is a bit light. I had to keep it in 4th and 55mph or under. As far as pulling it out of the water, it will darn near pull the boat out at idle in low. I have to go real slow backing the boat in, not a problem if the ramp is clean but if there is gravel or sand you'll want to avoid it, you will skid a bit. I've got 2" Medium RTE springs on mine, it does settle a bit but rides fine. I don't think the stock springs would be up to the task. Regarding braking, plan ahead. Again, I don't do this often as I leave the boat in as much as possible. I would not want to pull it far or often but the beast does the job fine.
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