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Do a Google search for Land Rover Club in Florida, if you find one ask them or contact and ask them.

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Never go to Miami British unless you like long waits and terrible work! I had a series truck in for a chassis and after 10 months and poor communicaction I got the wrong chassis installed plus several shop caused problem with the body. Better to set the car on fire than take it there.

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There are many shops in Miami:-
Victoriano Auto Tech
12600 Southwest 130th Street
Miami, FL 33186, United States
+1 305-232-7049.

Land Rover South Dade
16750 S Dixie Hwy, Miami, FL, United States ‎
+1 855-404-8010 ‎ ·

Land Rover North Dade
20800 NW 2nd Ave, Miami, FL, United States ‎
+1 855-488-5599
9300 NW 25th St, Miami, FL, United States ‎
+1 305-477-8066 ‎ ·

Stearns Parts Distributors- European Auto Parts
9425 SW 72nd St #275, Miami, FL, United States ‎
+1 305-233-2363
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