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I have a '04 Discovery. It over heated on the highway last year so I took it to a garage - they did the computer diagnosis and replaced the thermostat and coolant temp sensor. It was also blowing white smoke even after this repair. The work seemed to fix the overheating issue as we were able to get back in the highway and drive the 2 hours to our destination. But after being parked for a few hours, after I starting it up, the truck had no power. Eventually I just wouldn't start.

I'm assuming this is a head gasket issue. Is that likely the case?

The truck has now been parked since this happened last May. If the head gasket is shot and I let the truck sit for a year, is it likely i've done more damage to the engine by letting it sit there?

I'm clearly not a mechanic and not able to do any of this work myself.

Trying to figure out if it is worth getting fixed at this point or not. The truck is otherwise in good shape with lots of new parts.


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Sounds like a sad story, one that has been told many times.
White smoke is never ever good news.
Sounds like the shop that tried to help you out really didn’t know what they were dealing with.
Also sounds like they and you were relying on the dashboard temperature gauge which is notoriously inaccurate.
Replacing a sensor and thermostat is comparable to spitting on a campfire ?- you can say you tried but ......
Almost every overheat causes damage, sometimes a head gasket BUT commonly block distortion and leaking cylinder liners.
The white smoke and lack of power were the obvious yet ignored signs of bigger problems and sitting for extended time (I assume outdoors) is rarely good.
If you are not able or inclined to repair it yourself you will be looking at a hefty bill
If it is as simple as head gaskets you are probably looking in the $2000 to $2500 range.
No one can tell you how extensive the damage is until the engine is disassembled and inspected.
If it is a distorted block and a leaking cylinder liner you are looking at either a complete rebuild/ overhaul which can easily exceed &10,000
. or a replacement engine which can run close to the same cost.
Another option would be a good used engine ( if you can find one)
You need to find a specialist who knows these trucks ( again if you’re not able or interested in doing the work yourself.
Sorry to give bad news.
How much do you love the truck?

Non running trucks sell for $400- $500 in my area
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