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Is this why JLR are dropping Land Rover?

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"... Here’s a theory. I’d suggest that the Land Rover name, brand and image is in fact well known and that is exactly why JLR are dropping it. Why?

Because the name “Land Rover” conjures up images of Defenders, Series vehicles, farmers, Camel Trophy, rough 4×4, working class, winching through mud.

This is exactly what JLR is not about. They don’t want to be associated with such imagery. Instead, it seems to me they’re now for the affluent, socially mobile class who want an ‘adventure’ vehicle that’s also luxurious and is a bit different to the MD’s BMW or the CEO’s Mercedes.

I don’t think JLR intend or want their vehicles to be seriously used offroad any more, but they need to retain some capability as a differentiator. True offroad owners are annoying; they know lots about the vehicle to irritate salespeople, they modify it, they complain about minor things that aren’t important to the company, they ask silly questions about how the 4×4 systems work, they use specialist mechanics, aftermarket companies start modifying the vehicles and people still expect warranty, the owners form clubs and ask for help, and enthusiasts start waving logos around at Places We Would Rather They Not, and generally behaving Off Brand.

Much better to have a few C-level execs or high-flying managers driving your cars to the golf clubs, marinas and skifields , hassle-free, all relying on main dealer servicing. And then you won’t get scruffy, bearded types rabbiting on about Series vehicles, making the lycra-clad adventure-picnic set uncomfortable. ..."
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