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It be Freeeeezzzin over where you are??!?!?! HELP!!!

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Hello peeps across the pond! :wave:

I have a friend who is moving to Maine and taking his SIII with him (of course!!). He would like to fit some sort of engine, coolant heating device/devices.

What can you suggest? and where can he get them? What do you lot use?


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I would install a block heater into the block under the exhaust manifold,if it is fitted for it.If not you could install an in-line heater into the lower rad hose.Sometimes a battery blanket can be helpful on those cold days.Please make sure that you have at the very least 50-50 water/antifreeze mixture in the cooling system.Good luck.

Long live the oily beast.
There are also options like the magnetic sump heater...stick it on the oil pan, plug it in and let it work...not sure how long they should remain on though...block heaters and inline hose heaters are other options. I know RN sells the hose heater, Wise Owl sells the block heater and pretty much any parts shop will sell the magnetic doodad...

I spent most of last week in Greenville Maine. Next to Old Forge, NY, it's about as cold a spot as one can find, though a town in MN had -56 F (that's not wind chill either, two weeks ago) Wind off the lake makes wind chills sink to the -40 to -50 range) Most mornings were -10 F, or lower. I took the disco, only because the 110 is like a freezer and cabin insulation sucks at best. I prefer an inline water heater because of simplicity of installation. Block heaters inserted into freeze plug openings work as well, but often develope a leak and need tightening of the seal, when there are radical swings in the temp. They're not especially accesible if you need to get at them. Both the block heater and the in-line hose heater provide enough heat to dramatically reduce warmup time, though do nothing to keep the sump oil fluid. The hose heater, being installed lower down in the system seems to cause good thermal circulation. A friend had a sump heater way back when and insisted it 'cooked' his oil. Deciding technology had advanced, invested in a newer magmount unit, and promptly lost it the first time out in roughish terrain.
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What a brill responce! Now do any of you know any websites he can go and have a look at?


TerryS said:
They're not especially accesible if you need to get at them. .
After I said this, I thought I might be getting a little forgetful. I have been driving some sort of V8 LR for so long now that I forgot my roots in the marque, that being S2A. Block heaters in those are much easier to get at than the V8, whose freeze plugs are below the exhaust manifolds.

Websites? OOOh yeah, lots of 'em. Some for just window shopping toys, others more usefull for the DIYer, Rovers North (with seperate bbs for series folk, which always struck me as odd, since Series folk have more in common with Def folk, than do Rangie and Disco, at least in my naturally unbiased eye) has a good BBS, for the RRC peeps, and, if it ever comes back up again.
Here in Alaska, our common methods for winterizing vehicles are those mentioned above...block heaters, battery blanket, etc. An easy way to keep your engine oil in the pan warmed are those little orange rubber pads that have an electrical cord on them. Up here, they are just sold as Oil Pan Heaters, so I don't know what they are called elsewhere. We also use them to stick under batteries for cheap warmer and they do very well glued to a plastic bucket for a dog's water dish warmer.

A very interesting read, the coldest I get here in winter is about 4-5 celcius, that is not even near below freezing. It is interesting to read about the experiences landy owners will put up with to indulge their passion of driving landrovers. Keep the questions coming. PS here is subtropical Australia. :D :D

I agree. I cant believe that you actully need to have a heater to warm up your oil and battery!!
The coldest we get her might be about -10Celcius. BUT THAT IS THE EXTREME AND ONLY IN THE MOUNTAINS.
Averige coldest for the rest of the place is about 0 celcius.!! (And then we all die!!)
My Landy dont even have a heater! I dont need one. Nothing a wark cup of Coffy cant heat up.
'ang on a minute - how come he can bring his SIII in here but we cant???? Anyone know the rules????? I know it is beyond difficult to import one in here according to a post I had. Is it because he is the owner in the UK?>?????
He said his friend was moving to Maine, but didn't say 'from the UK'. That notwithstanding, any series III, built before Feb, 1980 (making it over 25 years old) can be imported no problem. Since they came out in 1972, thats 8 years of series III eligible for importation.
TerryS said:
He said his friend was moving to Maine, but didn't say 'from the UK'. That notwithstanding, any series III, built before Feb, 1980 (making it over 25 years old) can be imported no problem. Since they came out in 1972, thats 8 years of series III eligible for importation.
The man is correct! as it happens his SIII is a 1971 vintage and is made up of a mixture of SII and SIII parts, kind of the cross over period between the two models. Using up the LR parts bin!
It's me.

Hey Guys,

I finally got the link for this forum so I can post directly, cheers Geo. :wave:
By the time I get my truck exported to the US I think you will just have standard cold weather, rather than the extream struff, so I'll just make do this year and see how it goes. Cheers for all your suggestions, it'll give me plenty to think about and play with for next winter.

I'm just sorting out my shipping documents at the moment, and can't wait to start driving on the wrong side of the road. :drive:


It depends on what part of Maine you are moving to. The coastal area does not get as brutally cold as inland. I have 0/40 Mobil 1 and she starts up fine even at 0º F. Does take awhile for the heat to start.

So, what part of Maine???
Hi kevin,

I'm not entirely sure of a town yet, but it'll be around the Bangor/Orono area.
I'll staying with friends in Orono for a while untill I get my own place sorted.

I've traveled through Portland on the bus up from Boston, so you're about 2.5 hours south, yes? Maybe you could point me in the direction of a good Mechanic/Garage? Any offroad/greenlaning clubs in the area?


Tee hee - "Greenlaning" :lol: ....sorry mate the yanks are not as civilized! :D

But you will be in some awesome country for "wheelin'" and a couple of good places to start searchin' for "friends" would be the Rovers north bulletin boards...bunch of guys there would love to check out your girlfriend! The one with the wheels that is!!! :buttrock: Welcome to the states!
Yeah Portland is about 2.5 hours south. I'm reletively new to Maine only about 1 1/2 years. The Down East Land Rover Club ( could get you started, but I don't know much about them. And there is East Coast Rover ( which is about 1 hour southeast of Bangor. Great shop & always busy.
ooops forgot about ECR!!! AWESOME bunch of guys...especially if you want to do any mod's, like put the steering wheel on the wrong side!! :D Those guys come highly recommended!
There seems to be an endless amount of logging roads in the northern half of Maine. I think they are accessable. Could be Maine's answer to Greenlaning
Thanks for that. I've checked out the ECR web site and they look like great people to get to know. I guess the lack of Defenders in the US makes people a lot more resorceful at updating and modifying Series vehicles. I don't think I'll be swapping the steering wheel anytime soon, but that 5-speed gearbox conversion looks great. I can just hear my credit card growning already! :D

Once I'm moved and settled I'll have a wonder up north and check out some of those loggin roads. :drive: But as I remember from my last visit, some of the "main" roads in northern Maine weren't much more than dirt tracks anyway! I also loved the fact that so few people actually go up there they haven't bothered to name the townships and just numbered them!


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