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Thats right, my classic freindly local garage failed the Land Rover at the MOT.
The biggest problem seemed to be the front number plate was a bit tatty, making it hard for speed cameras to get a good picture. Our government must be able to raise speeding fine revenue, regardless of the fact that the vehicle struggles to reach tyriggering speed.

Less importantly, OSF top swivel worn, NSF wheel bearing rumbling and NSR spring front bush devoid of rubber.

LAst years welding, based on an original idea by IK Brunel seems to holding up well and the worrying brakes were as good as they get on the rollers.

My local garage would be familiar to anyone in the boonies, you know, mechanics called Bubba, oily CAT baseball cap, dungarees, eyes a bit close together, but they used to always give advisory jobs rather than tick the fail box. "You will fix that soon won't you" as a direction rather than a request.

Not any more. The ministry have clamped down so the thing will need fixing befor it gets used again. Still, I have a week off now. All I need now is outdoor workshop freindly weather. Its been raining cats and dogs for days and days.

Now, again I must go into uncharted territory on the front axle so expect pittiful pleas for knowledge.


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a few pointers

The swivels tek the top pin out remove some shims replace check repeat till happy.
The wheel bearings go to l/r dealer timken bearing and cheaper than motor factors(I know but its true).
fdress the new bush with a file to ensure good fit .

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Could be worse i suppose...How did the emissions test go?

These days you need all your documenttion to buy number plates, but depending on your vehiclkes age, you can go for the older pressed metal plates and different font sizes.

Good luck on the retest.
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