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94 Disco 1 147000 miles

I know this is going to get me a mealy of opinions and ideas I know. But I would like to see you guys and gal’s theories and experiences on what you fell is the best way to go.
This morning I woke to the first frost here in the northern states of the USA. And that means winter is coming. And for me, it means temperatures getting as low as –10 to -20 degrees F. Bloody cold sometimes.
Earlier in the year (spring) I replaced my bad water pump and later some hoses I topped off the coolant system (being lazy) but found that the mix wasn’t 50/50 and after testing found that I was covered to +5 degrees F. No problem nice hot summer I’ll flush before winter and fill 50/50. So now the time has come.
Question. What antifreeze should I use / get the best performance from / wetter’s etc etc.
At the moment there is the green stuff in it put there by the previous owner and top off buy me, and that’s all I know it green.
I have used the orange stuff in my Range Rover in the past and the green, orange being the GM no phosphate Aluminum safe, Blah blah blah. I have always added some Bars leak to all coolant flushes I have done just for safe measure.
But I’ve heard it make no different which, I’ve heard only orange, I’ve heard orange is good but it causes problems used green, I’ve heard any old cheap stuff will do.
So now I sit here scratching my head. :confused
What do you use and why???????????? :help
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