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JATE Rings

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Anyone have a line on where to get these at the cheapest price??? eBay doesn't have any, unless you go to the UK site and the bloke with them will not ship outside the UK??????????

CHEERS!~! :drink1:
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Cheers D90 - a few places sell them for the $45 price...Of course i want them cheaper! TEEHEE
I thought they were made of some special metal?

If not maybe you have a line on a way to make yourself some MOOLAH if you think they are that easy!:clap:
:lol: What a great thread - amazing what some folks dream of! Hey 1st Rover - DO NOT stand in front of your RR when you try to use those - they will bust off and come screaming through the air at superman speed and leave a bigger hole than you need in the cranium!

Thanks for the try anyway but I think I will fork out the $45 and be done.

CHEERS to HANK and 1stR!!! :drink1:
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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